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This is a description of a two-year EBT project to support a global SharePoint 2013 rollout — involving a corporate platform deployment of over 50 redesigned B2B websites in 25 languages. Our job was to prepare 150 marketing professionals in 20 countries to reconstruct and maintain their sites on the new system.

The full case study is available for download in PDF format.

EBT Case study (short version):

Customized multi-level training enables global rollout of SharePoint B2B websites

Customer profile:

This global real estate management services company has over US$50 billion in
revenues and 50,000 employees in 80-plus countries.


Our client implemented a global reworking of over 50 public corporate websites using SharePoint Server

Successful implementation  required the systematic preparation of over 150 marketing professionals in 20  countries who maintain the previous websites.


EBT conducted a detailed global needs assessment.

On that basis, EBT delivered a training program tightly customized to this client’s business needs, specific needs of diverse usergroups, sophisticated new  best practices and a significantly changed technical process.

The program employed a blended approach: classes online, written instructions, online videos,  and individualized trouble shooting help.

Over two years, the client’s global rollout teams, their country-level implementers and then their diverse end-user content managers were trained in implementation,
best practices and ongoing site maintenance.

The whole program was executed by one dedicated EBT consultant person – from beginning to end — producing major cost savings for the client.


The client estimates that  EBT’s training solution saved them US$500,000 overall.

This program prepared a smooth and successful implementation of a complex rollout based on a workforce well prepared for new responsibilities and standards.

More Information:

Eric Brandt, President of EBTechnology LTD.


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