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Digital University 2016-17:
EBT change agent for B2B digital marketing

One major current project of EBTechnology:
Creating a high-impact “Digital University” for a global financial corporation with over $5 billion in revenues.

These Digital University courses are retooling the firm’s global marketing force in over 80 countries.

Specifically the goal of this Digital University is to “close the digital gaps” within a global marketing effort– to enable marketing professionals fully adapt marketing skills, processes and practices to state-of-the art digital best practices:

  • Content marketing
  • Cross-channel integrated marketing campaigns
  • Sophisticated metrics of actionable data
  • Optimized content closely adapted to specific digital media
  • Impart higher skills and standards for effective writing (blogs, tweets, white papers, infographics, web-based content)

The instruction has been delivered in live, online instructor-led webinars delivered region by region around the world. The courseware is supplemented by focused documentation, instructions and recorded podcasts.

Skills shared by EBT 2015 training in Digital UniversityEBT’s Digital University delivers precisely those marketing skills most needed by B2B business:

Class 1: Writing for digital channels

Class 2: Introduction to content marketing

Class 3: Content strategy – goals & narratives

Class 4: Actionable data: Analytics concepts & goals

Class 5: Intermediate analytics: Creating meaning full metrics for stakeholders

Class 6: Advanced analytics: Attribution and content evaluation for integrated marketing campaigns

Class 7: Social media for business goals (overview)

Class 8: Controlling your online profile: A guide for professionals

Class 9: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for B2B marketing: Strategies and techniques for getting read

Class 10: Exploiting your digital footprint: Nuts, bolts & overview for business leaders

Class 11: Infographics: Do’s and don’ts for delivering the best

Class 12: Statistical literacy: Necessary concepts for marketers

Class 13: Sprinkler: Getting attribution and evaluation out of social media

Class 14: Marketing Automation: Integrating Eloqua and Google Analytics

Class 15: Social Media: Becoming a B2B star on LinkedIn

Class 16: Social media: Targeting email for results

Class 17: Social media: Twitter for B2B professionals

Class 18: Social media: Blogging for brand and business






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