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Rob’s rules: More conversion thru better analytics

02.23.2015, Metrics, Review, by .

Quick review by Eric Brandt

42 Rules for Applying Google Analytics by Rob Sanders (downloadable pdf)

It is becoming obvious that the goal is not simply more traffic (which is fairly easy to generate) — but more traffic of a particular kind. And that particular kind is your targeted audience that can be drawn by skillfully crafted content to convert.

How do we know if that is happening? In the Mad Men days, the effectiveness was judged by anecdote, by hunch, by gut, by word of mouth. Here in his latest book, Rob Sanders offers a basic approach to understanding the effectiveness of the user jouney you have created for potential customers.

Rob Sanders has been collaborating with me for the last eight months. We are developing  a series of courses on Google Analytics aimed specifically at B2B marketing success.

So I’m eagerto offer Rob’s book “42 Rules for Applying Google Analytics” here (in pdf format).

If you prefer ro read in professionally bound paperback or Google e-book format, you can do that too.

This will help you understand your users’ journeys — and then guide you in applying that data to systematically improve website performance.

This includes:

  • Learning where your visitors come from and how they interact with your site,
  • Measuring key drivers and conversions (such as which web pages encourage people to react by calling, emailing or purchasing a product).

The goal (and hopefully result) is to present higher-converting web pages, and far more effective campaigns that drive toward those web pages.

About the Author: Rob Sanders

Rob Sanders brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the world of online marketing. He currently works with a diverse group of companies providing creative and technical solutions for online growth including overseeing their search engine marketing, social networking, blogs & video. Prior to moving to San Francisco, Rob was an Interactive Project Manager chosen to lead multi-million dollar online initiatives for Ford Motor Company in Detroit, Michigan. Rob started his online career as a Web Producer for USA Today Online in 1994 before moving to Philadelphia to help launch an online media service at The Sports Network. Before receiving his undergraduate degree, Rob was honorably discharged from the U.S. military after serving four years abroad. He also earned a Masters of Business Administration from the University of San Francisco. He volunteers his time for a number of organizations including Junior Achievement, Ama Foundation and the San Francisco Aids Foundation, to name a few.

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